Carousel, Park, and Wedding

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Muir at the El Cajon Mall Carousel, waiting for the ride to begin. Size 39kb Whee-hah! Size 29kb
Daddy wants to ride the horse too... Size 34kb ... but Larkin says "I can do it myself!" Size 35kb
Nice Horsie... if I pull on your ear will you go faster? Size 39kb Okay, I'm ready! Size 35kb
That was the best ride I've ever been on! Size 28kb HI GRANDMA!! Size 13kb
Wow, that was the best ride ever! Size 30kb Peek a boo... Oh wait... I could see before I took them off. Size 31kb
So, if Larkin were even 1/10th as cute as she actually is, she'd still make my heart stop just looking at her. Size 28kb ... And Muir cleans up pretty well himself. Size 19kb
Real men wear kilts. Size 14kb Dress clothes and spitup just don't go together very well. We brought Larkin a spare outfit, but not Susan... Size 19kb
Larkin's first outfit matched the kilt much better. Size 13kb Hey... Muir caught the bouquet! Size 15kb
Muir has a very nice dance with a beautiful blonde much taller than he is... Size 25kb ... gives her a kiss ... Size 34kb ... and then steals a dance with a woman even taller! Size 17kb
Finally, two women who understand practical and comfortable wedding footwear. For those who like to stand out, there are Shamu Slippers. For those who want to be comfortable and unnoticed, socks that look like a nice pair of black Mary Janes. Thanks to our models, Justine and Kathie! Size 33kb
Muir sizes up the enemy... Size 46kb ... but this time it got the better of him! Size 32kb
Larkin loves bubbles! Size 30kb Daddy loves slides! Slide, daddy, slide! Size 34kb
Facing together, Size 45kb and facing apart. Size 24kb
wurzel does chin-ups with a baby attached, Size 42kb and Muir shows that he can do the same. What a little he-man. Susan is suitably astonished. Size 39kb
Susan and Muir watch ducks on the pond, Size 26kb and then walk down the stone spillway. Size 48kb
Susan makes a human arch ladder. Size 48kb Then sits down with Muir to make more bubbles for daddy and Larkin. Size 53kb
And then it's time to go home. Size 45kb