Months 2 and 3

Anne and Laura hold Muir in front of a flowering tree near Baba's Afghan Restaurant Size 55kb Muir's first bath once he finally dropped his cord at 10 weeks! Size 132kb
wurzel braves getting stung while taking a picture of a bee polinating the apricot tree Size 129kb wurzel and son adopt a style of headdress pioneered by his original flute teacher MarieLouise Size 31kb
Muir takes in the smell of the ocean near La Jolla Size 42kb Great Great Aunt Margaret, Grandma, Great Grandma, and Mom all spoil Muir at once Size 68kb
Muir is truly a very happy kid Size 128kb Grandma and Muir, smiling and happy Size 48kb
Another picture in front of Baba's Flowering Tree Size 72kb The nut doesn't fall far from the tree Size 48kb
Muir is absolutely fascinated by pinwheels Size 32kb Braving a mother's hormone-induced protective fury, wurzel perches on the edge of Hite Overlook on Lake Powell. Susan just barely managed to take the picture before threatening to throw me off the cliff if I didn't step away from the edge. This is a full-size picture, very appropriate for a Windows wallpaper image. Size 122kb
Grampa and Muir, smiling and happy Size 58kb Tie-dye is excellent at not showing drool spots Size 34kb
Mom and Muir at the beach Size 83kb