Larkin and Madelyn hang out

Boy, it sure is nice having a new friend!
Hey, she's putting her arm on my side!
Mommy! No Fair! Make her go over there!
I did not put my arm on her side.
Did too!
Hey, now your arm is on my side. Put it back. Mommy!
Oh yeah, I can scream just as loud as you can.
Hey, do you remember what we were screaming about? Me neither...
Oh yeah, now I remember.
Oh for crying out loud... like a boy could act as a peacekeeper...
Okay, I'm sorry I screamed and called mommy.
Yeah, and I'm sorry I put my arm on your side.
Hey, I feel much better now.
Yeah, me too. What a fun day.
I'm sure glad I have a cousin like you.
I bet if we put our heads together we can come up with a fun game to play.
How about kissem-face?
All right, I've had enough of this gooey stuff.