T h e M a n y F a c e s o f M u i r I I I
Always wipe your mouth after eating Oblate Spheroid I'm so tired, I could fall asleep faster than you can spell narcolepsy! Diagrin
Sharks to the left... Me and daddy naked... too bad you can't see the rest of the shot Say Ahhh Milkface
Wagon Wheel Cookies... Breakfast of Champions I have a secret... Hot, sticky, tired.  Not a good thing. (Insert twilight zone music here)
Am I tired or did I just bonk my head on the floor again? Happy Fourth of July! Food bad.   Bib good. Help, I'm being attacked by a stuffed dog!
Post-nap, happy and refreshed Fortunately, the bee is *not* in my bonnet! I'm being tickled, but you can't see that in this picture Butterfly, fluttering by
Not sure if that's a frown or a smile. Whoa! It's that bright flashy thing again Hmmmm. My head is round
Yummm... My very first nectarine! I have a secret... Cuteboy! If all baby's were this cute, we'd be in big trouble!
Are you interrupting my snack again. Hey, I'm in the big bed! I think I'd rather have a sunburn than wear a hat, any old day... Cozy city!
Baby disguised as a bedsheet Just a black and white ring... but it tastes so good! Done with the cat... moving on to other things When naptime calls, I listen!
Please don't make me dress like dad... anything but that! Don't know why I'm happy, but I sure am happy! Mommy and daddy are funny! Not so sure about that
Just a black and white ring... but it tastes so good! Zonk Yumyum... cat hair.  humhum Symmetry is highly overrated
I think I'm late for my afternoon cry... Always looking forward That's what you think... Did you really look at every single one of these text popups?