wurzel bails out of a perfectly good airplane

MPEG VIDEO The last words of wurzel parsons-keir? Size 1.4MB
Before they'll let you jump, they take all your money. I wish I were only saying this in jest, but with what they charge for a first jump, it is sadly true. Later jumps (without the 5 hours of instruction first) are much cheaper. Size 43kb Bye Susan-love, Bye little baby! Size 48kb
From 1000 feet away, they all look the same; however, this one is in fact me. Size 5kb Nice landing, slow and easy, and I still rolled onto my butt right after this shot was taken. This is a full-size shot, just right for Win* wallpaper. Size 133kb
Collecting the 'chute like clean laundry after the jump Size 36kb
MPEG VIDEO The actual last words of wurzel parsons-keir! Size 720kB