2005 Halloween

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Yes, Susan is completing her outside forwards 3-turns on one foot now. Size 39kb Powerpulls... backwards powerpulls... in a skirt no less. Size 52kb
Me and my two favorite little sweeties. Size 134kb Bucky thinking about attacking something; probably a dust mote or something equally threatening. Size 144kb
Okay, here's a real kitty cat. Bucky, eat your heart out. Size 160kb Follow the blue cones. They used to have orange cones, but recently changed over to blue. Funny thing is, the blue ones are lighter, so when I run into them, they go flying much further. Size 64kb
Larkin's Princess dance class. Size 89kb Okay, they wanted to ride it; they begged to ride it; and then they were too terrified to let go and wave 'hi'. Size 180kb
Muir's Jedi Powers are telling him there's something around the corner... Size 90kb Argh, it's Darth Vader!! Size 165kb
Bzzzz, Bzzzz, Shoosh, Bzzzzz... Size 186kb (Actually, they were whacking each other pretty hard!) Size 203kb
Size 92kb Back to the rink. Size 67kb
Never mind; back to the carnival. Larkin, again, wasn't about to let go for one second to wave. Size 84kb Whee, the cold air sure feels good blowing up my... Size 102kb
Susan working on her "disguise" for halloween... can't exactly call it a costume. Size 72kb Hey, it's another Jedi Size 195kb
Yeah! Huggelations! Size 138kb "The Rearend of the Jedi" Size 59kb
Defending cats wherever they may be... Size 30kb Rarf! Size 175kb
Again, backwards. Size 95kb Funny thing is, the guy running the ride didn't yell at me or anything for trying to tickle Muir's feet as we were whirling around. Size 94kb
Muir is unbelievably serious as he prepares for takeoff. He had the same look the entire "flight". Size 165kb The hockey players were pretty upset when I scored four goals on them; in a skirt; without even using a hockey stick. I just kept "dribbling" the puck with my skates like a soccer ball. I heard three of them were so humiliated they quit after this practice session. Size 143kb
Meow! Size 150kb Amazing... Teeter Totters are finally back. They figured out how to build them safely enough the insurance companies will let us have them again. Not that I'm bitter. Size 89kb
The grand T-stop finale... right before I won First Place in the costume contest. Yes, I was the only adult dressed up other than the instructors, and the judges had the gall to ruin 20 little kids' days by awarding me first place. Oh, the injustice! Size 29kb More Hugglations! Size 158kb
... And Luke came in a strong second place in his division. Size 271kb