2004 May, Haircuts, Hugs, and a Wedding

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Two kids, three wheels... should work out okay. Size 192kb Awww... Size 95kb
Muir before the haircut... Size 31kb ... and Muir during the haircut. He sat very still making faces at himself in the mirror while she did her work. Most excellent. Size 109kb
Larkin, however, was a bit more trepidacious about the whole thing. Size 89kb But the result, as you can see, was well worth the time spent in the chair. Size 262kb
My wife is very beautiful. Size 153kb Tom has also met a really wonderful and charming woman! Size 177kb
Beautiful wives make beautiful daughters. Size 223kb Muir monopolizes daddy's digital camera, so PJ let Larkin take a few shots with his. Size 167kb
Larkin's got quite a throwing arm. Size 198kb Muir also throws quite well, and far, and hard... Duck! Size 128kb
Awww, it's my sweetie again! Size 174kb And Larkin all dressed up and ready to go swimming? Size 74kb