April 2003 -- Hiking, Easter, and Nails!

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Larkin, Muir, and Daddy stop for a rest Size 394kb Larkin goes for a hike the easy way Size 156kb
We hit the tail end of the flowering season; on the desert floor it was all over, but at the higher elevation of Culp Peak, the timing was perfect. Size 116kb Borrego, "gateway" to Imperial Valley. Size 215kb
The winds were very strong, and somehow Muir and Susan didn't notice that they'd traded hats! Size 276kb Larkin was fascinated by sand. Fortunately, there was plenty of it to be fascinated by. Size 192kb
"Without the hat, the foreheads look just the same." -Susan Size 109kb Two sweet blossoms in a field of flowers. Size 352kb
Muir and Larkin practice their scrambling skills. Both of them did amazingly well. Muir hiked almost all of one mile himself, and Larkin even walked a bit of it! Size 185kb This area had been hit by fire the previous season, so many of the trees looked like this, a stark contrast of charred bark and white soft interior wood. Size 376kb
This is what we hiked all this way for... a view of the borrego valley from above. Size 253kb The view's even better with two sweeties in it! Size 256kb
The Loot... Size 76kb ...Larkin... Size 43kb
...Muir... Size 89kb ... and the Meema who made all of them possible. Size 57kb
"Captain, the odds of driving a nail perfectly into the centerline of a 1 inch water pipe hidden inside a wall when putting up wainscotting are approximately 1 in 1,986,377,345." -Spock Size 115kb "Then again, the odds of wurzel successfully sweating in a repair on the first try are even lower than that... fortunately the second try held fast." Size 125kb