Various shots from 2002 September

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Muir attempts to get out of the flower bed before we notice that he's there. Size 134kb Tilting at windmills. Size 68kb
Here's our beautiful 2.46kW array of photovoltaic cells. Between this and our new low-energy fridge, our net yearly power bill should be just about zero! Size 211kb Muir attempts to eat the wrong end of the fork! Size 86kb
Muir sizes things up to see just how big of a problem this whole sister thing is going to be... Size 63kb ... and decides everything's A-OK! Size 88kb
Just generally cute. Size 165kb No sibling resemblance here, eh? Size 73kb
Hard to believe he's not 5 years old in this shot. Size 60kb Lark's doing a great job holding her own bottle now. Size 76kb