Early October Play

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Muir right before he tripped on the grass... Size 27kb ... and right after. Size 25kb
Muir hides in the dense underbrush like a lion. Size 67kb Fortunately, he brought along rations to keep from getting hungry. Size 64kb
Where mommy goes, I will follow (sometimes). Size 43kb These deer tell really funny jokes. Size 36kb
Muir is nice to the cute deer.... Size 33kb ... and they kiss him back... Size 36kb
... and kiss him some more... Size 39kb ... and kiss him again... or did he just have banana in his hair? Size 40kb
Lark figures out she can roll over in her car seat, but it's not as good of an idea as it seemed at first. Size 36kb Hey, where's my other half? Size 42kb
Finally, a breather. Size 27kb Size 30kb
Jannie: "How did you get here?"
Susan: "We just started flapping our arms and flew up!"
Size 29kb
Hey, this still beats trying to carry-on five bags and two kids on a commercial flight! Click here to compare
Size 28kb
Lark enjoys one of her grandmother's quilts. Size 31kb Muir does his best dagwood bumstead imitation. Size 28kb
They let me ride inside the airplane until I started screaming! Size 22kb Hey, we lived to fly another day! Size 23kb
Dad, next time I want to sit up front and steer! Size 21kb ... and all the while, Muir was much more interested in driving us home than in taking pictures on the wing... just be sure to check the volume control on the radio before you turn the car on! Size 33kb