2002 November

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Muir endures the cruelest torture -- a haircut! Size 14kb Hey, you did what to my big brother? Size 42kb
And this is the best picture we've ended up with so far showing the result. Size 42kb Larkin, looking quite princessly, rocks. Size 44kb
Muir teaches Larkin kid rule #47 - why play with your bath toys when you can eat them? (This is a full-size shot suitable for Windows Wallpaper). Size 144kb In a debut that brought out the emotional side of everyone watching, Muir takes his first Merry-go-round ride. Size 118kb
Unwilling to play pattycake with mommy and daddy or with each other, Larkin and Muir take to playing it by themselves. Size 111kb Cute cute cute. Daddy loves polka-dots. Size 25kb
You are my sunflower, my only sunflower, you make me happy, when skies are grey, you'll never know dear, how much I love you... please don't take my sunflower away. Size 56kb