Halloween 2002


Step 1: Choose your pumpkin
Step 2: Pick suitable models
Step 3: Gut the pumpkins and try to pawn the gooey stuff off on your kids
Step 4: See how the final product compares!


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Oh, Scary! It's a two-headed monster! Size 95kb Lark wanted to dress up as a pumpkinhead like her brother. Size 64kb
Leave them alone and they'll come home, wagging their tails behind them. Size 49kb Ever have one of those days where your sheep steals your crook? Does that make her a crook crook? Size 76kb
The truth is... Size 57kb ... the sheep costumes lasted about ten minutes before they had to come off. Size 128kb
Tom's disguised as an alien with a cat's tail coming out of its face. Silly bucky. Size 42kb And at work Tom begged us for a chance to wear one of the sheep hats. Really. He bleated... I mean pleaded. Size 20kb
A holiday-appropriate drool-catcher is always in fashion. Size 94kb